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Cadfil is a complete software solution for the Programming of Computer (NC) controlled Filament winding machines.

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Design and Verification

Design, specification and verification of composite equipment, designs and structures for a wide range of applications.


Inspection of existing or newly fabricated equipment and products to ensure the required quality requirements are achieved.


Review existing equipment and products to recommend actions to improve performance and service life.


Improving your existing process or introducing a new one? Let us help you get it right first time.


Making filament winding easier and improve the quality and range of products produced using cost effective winding software.


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Oceania is the local representative looking after Australia and New Zealand.   Whatever your requirements we either have a standard solution or can supply a customised software solution to meet your needs.

Cadfil is compatible with a range of OEM winders and can interface with a number of 6 axis robot systems. 

Cadfil can work with any type of NC winding machine and is fully user configurable. 

All Cadfil software operates on standard PC hardware using Windows. 

Create high performance composites in minimum time using Cadfil. 

Established in 1983, Crescent Consultants has been at the forefront of software development in the field of filament winding. Cadfil software is in worldwide use in many leading companies in the field of high performance composites and is the oldest established commercial filament winding package. Cadfil has a number of features that makes it very versatile and is available at a realistic and affordable price. 


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